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Rovaniemen Lastu ry is student association which represents students who major in educational sciences; educational science, adult education, media education and education of sustainability. Lastu was founded on 1984 and it has about 170 members. You will recognize Lastu from bright orange overalls.

Lastu does trusteeship its member's benefits in the university and in the student union. It also arranges all kind of happenings; parties, get-together evenings and sports for example. Lastu is with its students from the very first day in the university helping to get you started with you studies. We have some traditional happenings every year, like wine- and cheese-evening every autumn, and every year we try to arrange a weekend in Leirikari, summer camp near Rovaniemi. We also organize excursions and keep contact to our alumnus - persons who have already graduated.

Lastu's membership costs 40 euros from degree students, exchange students can participate freely. Of course before becoming member degree students can come and get to know our activities! Many of our happenings are for members only - for example already mentioned wine- and cheese -evening, pre-christmas party and excursions. And, members can also join to Lastu's excutive board, of course.

You are warmly welcome to all Lastu's activities, and don't hesitate to contact to Lastu's executive board if you have any questions considering our student association, your studies or living in Rovaniemi!

Rovaniemen Lastu Ry

           Yliopistonkatu 8

           96300 Rovaniemi